Fight Back (for horses)

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Fight Back™ is a powerful immune system support product designed to maintain natural immune function. Fight Back™ utilises ingredients best known to aid immune system function. Fight Back is a hypo-allergenic formulation.


For best results, feed Fight Back™ for a minimum of 7-10 days. Most will see results within days.You won't be disappointed with the results of Fight Back™ but if you're in doubt, please contact us - CLICK HERE. Fight Back™ is not designed to be fed alongside steroids/antihistamines as they work by depressing the same immune functions we are trying to support.

For full list of active ingredients and dosage rates please click here


​Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life 12 months from DOM

Manufactured by BEC Feed Solutions

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  • 5
    Fight Back

    Posted by Melinda on 3rd Jan 2022

    I have had my horse on this product for about a year and he is doing very well on it, no sign so far this year of greasy heal or rain scald

  • 3
    Fight Back didn’t work for my horse

    Posted by Sabina on 11th Dec 2021

    So I started feeding this to my horse in August (Winter) in the hope to boost his immune system so by the time summer /itch season came along he’d be ok and not itch … or maybe even itch less this year… unfortunately he’s started itching again… I had high hopes for this product as it had some good local reviews, but sorry to say it hasn’t worked for my Horse for the itch.

  • 5
    Fight back

    Posted by janet kilgallon on 23rd Mar 2021

    Since starting pony on fight back, the change has been amazing. From a itching, bad tempered, unfriendly pony to a friendly interested in life and her skin and coat look so much better.

  • 2
    not good results

    Posted by Kym on 2nd Jun 2020

    I have been feeding 2 horses with the queensland itch and have seen no noticeable difference both are still itching on the face and ears.. I have gone through the whole packet.

  • 3
    fight back

    Posted by debbie hawkins on 20th Jan 2020

    purchased my first bag.Sounds impressive but expensive.Would like to know prices between $97 and $600.Please let me know

  • 4
    Skin irritations

    Posted by Audrey Hamer on 6th Jan 2020

    My horse is loving his food now with the fight back added to it before it took him ages to eat and was happy to just walk away from it but now it’s all gone in about 5 minutes. He’s only been on it for 10 days so probably bit early to tell . He’s still scratching and it will take time for his hair to grow back but I’m feeling positive. I happy to update in a couple weeks.

  • 5
    Fight Back

    Posted by Karen on 26th Mar 2019

    I have a dog that obviously had alergies to various things so he would continually scratch and have ear infections, numerous trips to the vets who put him on steriods everytime he had a break out which was very often so thought I'd give Fight Back a try. Well within 4 days his skin was no longer red and angry looking, he hasn't had an ear infection since being on this product and no longer smells of yeast. When I orginally started I gave him 1 and a half teaspoons for around a month and then dropped it down to proberly 3 times per week and since I now give treat him for 3-4 days a month depending on how he is going. Highly recommend for anyone who has issues with skin problems in their dogs. I purchased the 2 kg pack last time. Thanks Equifeast. Have recommended your product to friends for their own dogs with great results

  • 4
    Fight back

    Posted by Anthea Thomson on 6th Feb 2019

    I had tried lots of different options and even had my mare on Preddy Granules from the vet to help with tropical wet season itch. The vet said she couldn't stay on the steroids long term and although she responded well it was a short term option!Then I read about fight back, wow my chestnut mare responded, within 3 days I could see a difference, the hair has started to grow back, her skin is soft and moist again and it's all natural. Thank you Equifeast!

  • 5
    Spotty Horse

    Posted by AC on 27th Jun 2018

    I have used Fight Back a couple of times now on two different horses who develop bumps/spots in the milder winter weather. Pleased to say that the spots have disappeared now.

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