Our 2012 Oxalate Trials

In 2012 we were invited to visit Australia to see if our unusual approach to calcium might help horses affected by oxalate pastures. We had no idea, but, being Aussies living in England it seemed lake a good excuse for a trip to the bush.

We set up what we now realise are probably the broadest trials ever conducted on oxalate poisoned horses. We even had hormone levels evaluated by human hospital labs in Melbourne and Sydney as well as a veterinary lab in Brisbane. 

We picked horses for our trial that were getting traditional calcium supplements but were still showing the extreme symptom of oxalate poisoning - Big Head. We took away those supplements and substituted our product - now marketed as BREAK FREE. 

Australian competitors have jumped onto our Chelated calcium bandwagon - which is flattering. But they have done so only in their marketing hype. Some pretend to use chelates but don't at all. Others use on token quantities but make a big deal about it. Sadly we eventually resorted to complaining to Ad Standards as we believe that consumers are entitled to accurate marketing. 

Our trials are not science. They are field trials. But all these horses that had been failed by existing products ALL recovered. They have now been backed up by a number of years of successful sales and happy customers. Here is the video we produced that summarised the trials and gives you some of the feedback of the trialists. Apologies for Eloise's English accent. She isn't Australian but was an important part of our research team.



These trials don't "prove" anything. In fact they raise far more questions that they answer. Over the past few years we have been trying to explain exactly what chelated calcium does. What we can be sure of is that it isn't a calcium supplement. That probably surprises you because those competitors who have pretended to copy us may have told you that. The chelate we use actually binds calcium more tightly than oxalate. So the technology works but we can only hypothesise at this moment exactly how. Click here for our best explanation so far:

Our BREAK FREE technology comes in a number of product forms (2 supplements and one loose lick). Click here for more info or contact us - we are always happy to chat. You may find a retailer close by or that you meet at competitions: