Horse: Don Quixote
Owner: Michelle Dorsey
Country: USA
Genetic state: Px/Px 
Time into trial being reported: 16 days
EquiFeast supplements fed: LAM Essentials

He has been on the program for a little over 1 month and after a week and a half I noticed progress in his ability to move much better. After a bit under 3 weeks he was cantering much more fluently and able to hold the canter. He seems to be calmer and not as nervous and spooky as he once was. His coat gleams. I have a short video I am going to attempt to attach . It is not as good as some of his previous canter in that he is turning off of his forehand and not doing a rollback, but the fact that he can canter is a huge improvement. This was AMAZING as this was a horse that had barely wanted to move. 

Also his sheath is no longer swollen and is a normal size now. I think I am going to be able to get on ride him like a normal horse. I don't know how this stuff is working but I haven't changed anything else.



Horse: Jax
Owner: Jennifer L Pratt
Country: USA
Genetic state: n/P1, n/P2, n/Px
Time into trial being reported: 8 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LamiCORE and MORE Fibre. MORE Work and MORE Muscle were added as improved mobility allowed more exercise after 2 weeks.

My PSSM horse crashed hard in 2015, and over the years I've been able to bring him back around except for some smaller issues that I just couldn't fix - electrolyte imbalances, head shaking, major spookiness and anxiety, and recently an intolerance to magnesium supplementation and signs of calcium deficiency (Big Head growths). 

In hindsight, these issues are actually quite large, but compared to his crash they didn't seem very big until they really started building in early 2020.  In early 2021 the Big Head symptoms and magnesium issues led me to look into EquiFeast's products.  I started Jax on LAM Essentials, and from day one his behavior changed drastically - he was calm with no anxiety, no spook, less reluctant to move forward, and curious about his surroundings rather than scared of them. 

Within a few weeks I was seeing his gait open up, his muscles were looser, and some mild neurological signs when he'd put his head down were disappearing (these signs looked neuro, but were probably from a sore/tight back).  I was finally able to start pushing him and asking for more without causing stress spasms, a huge improvement, and something I hadn't been able to do since his anxiety took over! 

He also has a tendency to have dark urine since around 2014 (before he crashed), but he's not had any dark urine since starting EquiFeast.  After the first month of LAM Essentials we added Fight Back for head shaking and allergies - it stopped the head shaking, seems to help with sweet itch, and has stopped his reactions to tick bites (he used to get large, pus-filled welts from them). 

Since adding the Fight Back I also noticed his head seems a bit more refined, so I believe it's starting to help the Big Head growths as well.  We're 6 years into fighting PSSM, with test results of n/P1, n/P2, n/Px, and taking him to a simple diet based around beet pulp, EquiFeast, and gut support has him better than ever!


Horse: Horse 1

Owner: Owner 1
Country: UK
Genetic state: Px/Px 
Time into trial being reported: 5 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LamiCORE


Since changing my horse onto the EquiFeast feed and supplements my horse is much less anxious and spooky making him so much more pleasurable to look after. (I) received the MORE muscle and MORE Oomph yesterday so will let you know if this improves his lack of energy and ridden issues.



Horse: Ferdi
Owner: Zoe-Leigh Finch
Country: UK
Genetic state: n/P4 n/PX
Time into trial being reported: 9 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LamiCore



He started showing symptoms at just 8 weeks old he is now 2 years old. Misdiagnosed as a wobbler , broken pelvis , paralyzed bladder , OCD , Colic! Blood work showed elevated liver high calcium low sodium low protein.After spending £1000’s on treatment with a hopeless prognosis told by 2 vets to PTS , I decided to stop all medication and cut off vets as they very clearly never knew what they was dealing with. I have sat for 16 months trying to figure out what has been wrong with him.I noticed positives when changing little things in his diet and gut balancers really helped.I knew he wasn’t a wobbler all along! I’ve worked with horses all my life and done a lot of horsemanship with top highly regarded people I’ve seen this so many times before yet no one ever had an answer for it.Diet and salt along with stopping the steroids actually stopped any neurological signs he was showing.I did have him on magnesium like everyone says but this made his mind work against him.I’ve now managed to get him stable and out in a field 12 hours a day instead of 5 hours with the help from EquiFeast he is also more comfortable in his posture his mind is working with him now and his skin issues are clearing up ! No more morning stiffness.