Our top tips for feeding the stock horse

Published 28th March 2018

Struggling to get the best out of your stock horses?

We understand that it can be challenging to feed a herd of stock horses especially when they are roaming around a large paddock.

The majority of horses do very well on pasture and hay only, but how do you know your horse is getting all of vitamins and minerals they need?

The short answer is that you don’t know without feeding each horse individually. While most horses will function well on pasture and a hay based diet, we are finding more horses need supplements to ensure their bodies can function to their best.

With horses grazing grasses with high levels of oxalates there are even more concerns. 

Here are some of our tips to ensure your horse is getting what exactly what they need every day:

  • Feed a high fibre diet whether this is pasture or hay.
  • Be cautious of lush grass containing high sugar, high starch and or high levels of oxalates
  • Provide a vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for all round health
  • Provide an EquiFeast Chelated Calcium supplement or lick if you have any signs of behavioural issues or if grazing any of the oxalate species. NB EquiFeast products contain much more chelated calcium than competitors (at least 24 times the next nearest competitor) and that technology is protected by an Australian patent
  • Provide access to fresh and clean water at all times
  • Give their immune system support during spring, this can be targeted for Queensland Itch or Greasy heel
  • Provide digestive support for horses that are on a high sugar, starch or cereal based diets
  • You can provide hoof and coat support in an all-round supplement containing biotin and methionine
  • Look to replace the salt lost through exercise in the summer, either with a salt block or adding salt into a feed
  • Consider a joint supplements for those horses is high or intense work

Providing a quality full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement can ensure your horse gets their recommended amounts. But that means you have to feed each horse daily, right?

No you don’t - we offer a chelated calcium, vitamin, mineral and amino acid package in a lick form to be fed to your stock horses!

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