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EquiFeast PSSM Trial

EquiFeast PSSM Trial

Posted by Malcolm Green on 28th Mar 2021

EquiFeast PSSM TrialsIn early 2021 a number of owners with PSSM horses, having seen the impact of Chelated Calcium on a number of horses affected by oxalates in Australia, became excited about the pro … read more

How we sort out your horse's brain

Posted by Malcolm Green on 9th Feb 2021

We have a four pronged approach to bad behaviour in horses. This process is designed to get the horses brain (and sometimes other organs like the gut and the muscles) working as nature intended. Whe … read more

Fight Back saved my horses life!!

7th Jan 2021

Fight Back saved my horses life!!‘My horse is allergic to alfalfa, brome, wheat, corn, weeds willow and oak, 29 out of 60 things tested on her labs. She is also PSSM1.I live in Alaska and the bugs mak … read more
Maddy Frewin BD PSG

Maddy Frewin BD PSG

Posted by Malcolm on 20th Aug 2020

You want the very best out of your competition horse? Put the very best in.WINNINGEDGE is the unique All-in-One supplement for competition horses. Incredibly comprehensive, easy-to-use and economical. … read more
Mud Fever - a different approach

Mud Fever - a different approach

Posted by Malcolm Green on 15th Jun 2020

One of the benefits of having lived in both Victoria and England is that I really do understand mud.Believe it or not Murphy, pictured, has four white legs. In fact white is his predominant colour. Th … read more