The horse's digestive system

The horse's digestive system

Posted by Malcolm Green on 6th Jan 2020

British feed firm Dengie have recently produced a great video on the horse's digestive system. It is well worth spending 7 minutes to watch this.In the UK we love Dengie because they, like us, don't b … read more
Ollie - the transformation that saved his life

Ollie - the transformation that saved his life

Posted by Malcolm Green on 22nd Nov 2019

Ollie was one of our oxalate trial horses in 2012. He was a 4 year old off the track TB at the National Horse and Pony rescue in Murwillumbah, NSW. NHPR pride themselves on not putting horses dow … read more

From Stressage to Dressage

11th Nov 2019

Dressage really is the foundation of Equestrian riding upon which all other disciplines can build. So sound flatwork is essential for most riders. Whether simply schooling at home or competing at t … read more

Healthy horse - Safe young rider

Posted by Malcolm on 25th Oct 2019

My 7 year old son Curtis rides "Creamy", a 14 yr old quarter horse who suffers a long term injury and arthritis. Mobility for Creamy is an ongoing issue but he is a one in a million horse with an e … read more