Calming and sedation

Published 14th June 2017


1. A recent study by an Australian PhD student (Jess Dodd) found very comparable effects between surprisingly low levels of oral magnesium and the veterinary sedative Acepromazine (ACP).

Field trials by EquiFeast since 2011 predicted these findings (even with magnesium added to formulated feeds), enabling them to work with customers to develop nutritional approaches designed to help horses to focus and make excellent decisions whether competing, schooling or hacking.

​The first report in this article is by Australian Equine Nutritionist Karen Richardson as published by Horses and People Magazine (please take the below link):​

The above report can be demonstrated by the following graph:


2. If you want to you can read the abstract of the original research here:

Magnesium asparate supplementation & reaction speed response in horses - CLICK HERE

Jess Dodd's research was specifically designed to evaluate the unthinking "flight response". What she demonstrated was a sedative effect of magnesium in line with its use as a sedative and anaesthetic. What it didn't look at was the effect on horses' anxiety and calmness.

3. Karen Richardson also carried out a mini experiment on her own horses showing a clear increase in anxiety when the magnesium level of the diet was increased (please click the below button to read the experiment):

Facebook post by Karen Richardson regarding magnesium - CLICK HERE

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