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In the UK we have been selling chelated calcium since 1994. In 2012 we were invited back to Australia (we are Australians) to see if it might help oxalate affected horses that were not responding well enough to traditional calcium supplements. It worked well so we entered the market here with locally manufactured product.

BREAK FREE was so successful that other players started to claim chelated calcium as a key component in the "Big Head" products. Sadly some had none and others had only tiny, token amounts in their formulations. This hasn't stopped some firms making a big noise about chelated calcium.

The reality is that this is a nutrient with virtually no academic research behind it. Our competitors talk about its high bioavailability and protection from oxalates. Whilst appealing, our research doesn't support these ideas so we do regard that as marketing hype with no basis in any form of trials or research.

Our view is that chelated calcium is a nutrient in its own right that seems to assist cells all over the body and part of that involves improving calcium management. It is also frequently deficient in diets whether the horse is grazing low or high calcium pastures or even low or high oxalate pastures (all of our UK sales are to horses on low oxalate diets and it helps these horses enormously). But with no independant academic studies we have to rely entirely on our own investigations. See the "Missing Link" articles for most detail.

The links above take you to some articles discussing chelated calcium. We hope you will find them of interest. There is a lot more in the oxalate section of our articles section.


Our attempts to discuss misleading advertising with Jenquine in particular were repulse with solicitors letters so we felt we had no choice but to make our complaints to the Ad Standards claiming that Jenquine were misleading both vets and riders. In their Bone Formula Forte product only 1.65% of the calcium is chelated . Not the "High level" claimed in their video and nothing like the 100% in our BREAK FREE. Since the Ad Standards Industry Jury published their report large swathes of Jenquine's web site and YouTube channel have been removed. However years of their mis-information means that many vets and riders still thing their products contain lots chelated calcium. They don't. Please click here for more information.