Trevor and Laura retire

Trevor and Laura retire

Posted by Malcolm Green on 28th Jun 2022

Way back in 2012 I got a mysterious LinkedIn message from Trevor Wozencroft. We had known each other back in the early 1990's when Trevor and Laura managed the biggest and most prestigious Limousin stud in Australia - Collian Park. Sally and I had probably the smallest Limousin stud in the country just a few miles away. We met at shows and once Trevor even looked after our herd when we returned to the UK for a holiday.

The mysterious message explained that there was an odd horse disease in Australia called "Big Head" and Trevor wondered if our rather unusual chelated calcium supplement might just be able to help. To be honest we had no idea but it seemed like an excuse for a tax free trip to Australia.

Trevor tirelessly went about organising trials at two sites (Murwillumbah and Blackall) with known issues with Big Head and where he had existing customers for his Red Light Therapy . Getting product made, finding vets to visit the sites and the laboratories (including two human hospitals) to do the testing was a mammoth effort. So it was something of a relief when the results showed that we genuinely had a contribution to make to this devastating condition. EquiFeast Australia was born.

For the past ten years Laura has been the "behind the scenes" rock for the business and Trevor has advised thousands of horse owners how to use our unique technology to produce healthy, productive horses.

I have lost count of the number of trips to Australia I have made since 2012. Trevor has always arranged for trade stands and visits to campdrafts, private riders or retailers. Together we have driven thousands of kilometers through all sorts of country and in all weathers.

Quite simply, without Trevor and Laura no Australian horses would have experienced the benefits of chelated calcium for their health and wellbeing.

The whole team at EquiFeast and thousands of happy customers all wish Trevor an Laura a long and happy retirement.

For the last few years Lynette Dollard has helped Laura and Trevor and I am delighted to be able to report that she is going to continue as the EquiFeast Australia Coordinator. You can call her on 04 4803 4638.