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Maddy Frewin BD PSG

Maddy Frewin BD PSG

Posted by Malcolm on 20th Aug 2020

You want the very best out of your competition horse?
Put the very best in.

WINNINGEDGE is the unique All-in-One supplement for competition horses. Incredibly comprehensive, easy-to-use and economical. It supports your whole horse with:

  • our chelated calcium to help muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • plus MSM, glucosamine and green lipped mussel (chondroitin source) to support the joint structure
  • plus powerful antioxidants and DMG for muscle recovery
  • chelated calcium plus carnitine both support stamina
  • full spectrum vitamin and mineral package (magnesium FREE) for general health and great hooves and coat
  • limiting amino acids plus MSM for muscle, coat and hoof quality
  • chelated calcium for brain function - learning, behaviour and decision making
  • Magnesium FREE so no sedation or brain impairment
  • chelated calcium for oxalate resistance
  • EA and FEI legal - won't swab

Order WINNINGEDGE online now.

Talk to us about the most economical way to "load" chelated calcium if your horse is new to EquiFeast supplements:


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