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Healthy horse - Safe young rider

Posted by Malcolm on 25th Oct 2019

My 7 year old son Curtis rides "Creamy", a 14 yr old quarter horse who suffers a long term injury and arthritis. Mobility for Creamy is an ongoing issue but he is a one in a million horse with an e … read more

Oxalates - Why your horse may still be moving poorly

Posted by Malcolm on 25th Aug 2019

The Oxalate Debate – Two Alternative TheoriesMalcolm Green – EquiFeast AustraliaIntroductionI’m writing this with a little trepidation because I am going to try to present one theory that I don’t be … read more
Break FREE from Big Head and Lameness

Break FREE from Big Head and Lameness

27th Sep 2017

EquiFeast’s revolutionary new supplement Break FREE™ is taking Australia by storm. Designed to help horses suffering with Big Head and intermittent lameness caused by high phosphorus diets, Break … read more