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BREAK FREE Essentials Lick

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BREAK FREE Essentials Lick combines the acclaimed BREAK FREE ingredients (for mobility, bones, behaviour and general wellbeing - especially recommended for high oxalate pastures) with our Essential Daily Care full spectrum Feed Balancer (1/2 strength) for added vitamins, trace and macro minerals and limiting amino acids. 

To order more than one pack please see note on shipping quantities below.

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There is no other lick with anything like this high level of chelated calcium. Supported by extensive (non-scientific) field in trials and from customer feedback. Just ask leading campdrafters, farriers and therapists like Steve and Louise Comiskey and Matt Monds.

Ideal for horses at risk of Big Head.

Ideal for mares and foals.



The website will calculate and charge you for shipping on a single 20kg pack. For multiple packs our link with Australia Post will not work. So, if you want to order more than one pack, please ring 04 4803 4638 and ask for our Australian Coordinator Lynette Dollard.