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Supplement for Big Head Horses

EquiFeast’s BREAK FREE Elite™ is a highly comprehensive supplement combining chelated calcium from BREAK FREE™, a complete balancer package from Essential Daily Care with added joint and mobility support.

BREAK FREE Elite™  is designed to help horses with Big Head and intermittent lameness caused by the consumption of tropical pastures. In extensive Australian trials, the unique VCAL calcium technology has been shown to rapidly correct facial bone deformities and restore normal mobility. 


There is a two to three month loading period (5 days a week) using the loading quantities. After the loading period, drop down to the maintenance rate, (still feeding the supplement 5 days a week). 

For full list of active ingredients and dosage rates please click here.  


There is no need to load the joint components of BREAK FREE Elite™ - just the chelated calcium needs loading. So an option is to buy the BREAK FREE™ formulation and feed that at the maintenance rate alongside feeding BREAK FREE Elite™ at the maintenance rate.

These combined will load the horse on the chelated calcium. A 2 kg bag of BREAK FREE™ will last a single stock horse about 2 months at that rate.

If poor behaviour returns increase quantity or contact us for advice on other variations of this product that may suit your horse better.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. 
Shelf life 12 months from DOM

Manufactured by BEC Feed Solutions