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Science can be very dry and digging into the detail of trials and experiments can be time consuming and taxing. So it is great to find a relatively easy to read review paper. We have highlighted the key bits that support our views that:

    • Typical horse diets almost always have enough magnesium

    • Getting a horse into a magnesium deficient state is actually really hard

    • Absorption of magnesium is not affected by the Calcium : Magnesium ratio

    • Artificial magnesium sources have a different impact than natural sources (described as organic in this paper)

    • The more magnesium you feed the more builds up all over the body

    • The homeostatic control system for magnesium is weak

    • Drawing conclusions about horses from human studies is potentially very misleading

Here is the paper "Magnesium disorders in horses" Allison J Stewart. Vet Clin Equine 27 (2011) 149–163