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X-RayMAX (price includes GST at 10%)

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Ring Trevor Wozencroft on 0414 515400 and have a chat about it.

X-RayMAX is a unique, patent protected, supplement for mares and foals. Thoroughbred trials at Yarramalong Park Stud (QLD) confirmed our experience from dairy cattle and other horses that foaling is easier and less stressful and foals grow and develop really well when supplemented with X-RayMAX. We expect horses to tolerate very rich pastures and oxalate pastures much better when fed X-RayMAX.

20 kgs supplies 10 mares and foals for about 20 weeks or a single mare and her foals for 4 years.

Richard Foster of Yarramalong Park said "The broodmares came through a dry winter on half a kilo less horse pellets and were at least the equal in condition and coat to the previous, kinder winter. If anything they were better. Foaling was easy in that the foals were not over-sized (courtesy of less feed), they were noticeably quicker up and suckling. Bones were on the whole straighter than previous years and they went ahead straight away. The % of mares that cleaned up without intervention was higher. That is also a reflection on the easier births and their excellent overall health. 

Our 2019 sale yearlings and weanlings were better on the whole with only minor trauma injuries (happens every year) and 10% Category 2 (DOD issues that are expected to resolve).  Difficult to be more precise due to genetic and seasonal influences but definitely an improvement. 

I think the real proof will come from stock that are supplemented from conception due to foal this year.  There is growing evidence that most of these issues start in-utero.  I do have a couple of racing stock that were not saleable at yearling or 2yo stage but have had a year on X-RayMAX now.  These are breaking in and going to trainers soon. That will be interesting.

The general comments I have made here apply best to improved x-rays, feed conversion and virus/common cold resistance."

X-RayMAX is based on EquiFeast's unique Vcal chelated calcium. This is NOT a calcium supplement but all of our blood trials, field trials and research suggest it helps cells all over the body to work as nature intended. This includes the bones, hormonal systems, muscles, tendons and ligaments digestive system. This technology has been used to win Olympic medals (dressage) and helps racehorses, eventers and endurance horses with stamina and metabolic parameters. Ring Trevor on 0414 515400 to chat about some examples.


For our X-RayMAX data sheet click here.